• Photography Website Trends in 2017

What Are The Photography Website Trends in 2017

Today, there are photography websites templates on every corner of the internet where everyone uploads free stock photos and images for commercial use. This has caused the photography websites to become one of the most competitive market niches.

But, as everything else, the photography trends change too. Some of the trends tend to last longer than other and rank better on photography websites, so here are a few that have made it to the top of the list:


As technology develops, there are more and more people using different gadgets and devices. And since it is so vaguely used, photos for commercial use of people who use technology are increasing. The reason behind this is that there is new technology appearing every day and it makes the photos more fun and diverse since there is something new to take a photo of every day.

Besides, there is new virtual reality gear that people try out every day, and many of them give commentary regarding the gadgets, which requires a photo to be used (if it is a blog commentary) and in most cases, this photo is taken from photography websites templates.

Lifestyle and food

Social medias have taken over the Internet basically. There are millions and millions of photos for commercial use being shared and uploaded daily, on both social media accounts and photography websites.

Instagram is the main place where people regularly upload photos of their lifestyle and the food they eat, which has made this type of photography extremely popular today. And given the fact that it’s owned by Facebook and the number of free stock images and photos for commercial use these two generate together, it easily puts them the leaders in producing and dictating the newest photography trends.

Another factor is the appearance of many new blogs and the increased awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Many fitness trainers and food experts post blog posts on how they manage to look the way they do along with photos of the food they eat, exercises and the lifestyle they live.


We live in an era where there are social justice rights protests occurring in every corner of the world, and reporters from all over fight to get the perfect photo for commercial use.

The fact that the photos that are taken during tense times rank the best on photography websites caused this type of photos to be shot in great numbers and become one of the top photography websites trends.

The fact that these types of photography do better than others doesn’t necessarily mean that uploading free stock images of them will bring you the fame you want. A master photographer finds the best shot in every corner.


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